My passion for theater and "play" started at a very early age. I used to write and direct comedy pieces when I was at primary school. As a small ensemble we would perform to our classmates and teachers every week. I loved sharing my observations through play, and with friends who loved to play. Throughout time, I took roles in four theater productions, and performed around fifty times. 

METU Players - Ankara (2009 - 2011)
Acting for the Camera - CAVA Institute, Ankara (2012)
Working on Instrument and Craft - Bova Actors Workshop, New York (2013 - 2015)
Mask Intensive with Per Brahe - Terry Knickerbocker Studio, New York (2016)
Spolin Improvisation Classes - Ege Maltepe, New York (2015 - ... )

Liar Wanted (2005), Dimitri Psathas, Agis
The Servant of Two Masters (2006), Carlo Goldoni, Silvio
The Caucasian Chalk Circle (2010), Bertolt Brecht, Prince Katzbeki
Coriolanus (2011), William Shakespeare, Brutus



Some Short Movie Projects

Everything is Alright

A film by Fernando Iglesias
 My fourth film for Sight and Sound Filmmaking, Fall 2013. 

Starring Salih Berk Ilhan, Kacper Chrobot, Michal Chrobot, Andres Iglesias Melendez, Adharsh Kumar and Ben Bushell.


Venus and Turkey

A film by Julia Plevin

Director and Screenplay: Julia Plevin
Cinematography and Editing: Steve Hamilton

About the movie

This is a concept movie for the Cycla Necklace that Julia Plevin created to help women understand their bodies and connect to the people in their lives. In this movie, the boyfriend discovers his girlfriend's necklace and gets in sync with her timing.

Food x Love

A film by Berk Ilhan

Directed by Berk Ilhan & Lusha Huang
Screenplay by Berk Ilhan

Starring Berk Ilhan, Mert Ilhan, Tahir Ilhan, Yasemin Ilhan

About the Movie

Food x Love (Food by Love) is a service design concept by Berk Ilhan. It connects the loved ones who live in different cities by enabling them to send home-cooked food to each other. The movie was shot and edited by Berk Ilhan and Lusha Huang as a part of Micheal Chung's ( Video Storytelling class at School of Visual Arts, MFA Products of Design program.