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A Duo of Smart Home Monitoring Devices
for Bathroom Safety

It’s wet, hard, and slippery. The door is locked, and there’s no smartphone to call for help. We spend a portion of our day in this space alone. It’s called a “bathroom.” Göz is a family of smart home-monitoring devices aimed at making the bathroom a safer place.

Göz consists of three elements: a motion-detecting LED bulb, a motion-detecting bathtub drain and a companion app.The smart bulb detects falls in the bathroom and then calls for help. The bathtub drain detects falls and a lack of motion due to fainting, then automatically empties the tub. Göz keeps you and your loved ones safe in the bathroom. 



The bathroom is a slippery environment.
When we are alone and the doors are locked,
it is not always possible to call for help. 

Facts about bathroom accidents

“Design research revealed that bathroom is very dangerous place for both young and old alike, 
but surprisingly, there isn't a smart safety product in the market that is an object of desire.”

Learning from the research, Ilhan designed a family of smart bathroom safety devices that does it job invisibly without embarrassing its users. In contrast to the medical looking life alert devices. 

Brand positioning matrix


“Göz” was created with a unique branding perspective that sees both the young and old age groups as potential users, so it aims to attract both age groups and fit all bathrooms with its minimal look with a variety of color options.



Form exploration

Scenario case

Scenario case

Ambiguous design: speaker and microphone are hidden from users' view angle.

Ambiguous design: speaker and microphone are hidden from users' view angle.