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Hop to Life

Mobile game concept as a positive intervention to the sedentary lifestyle.

Hop To Life is an intervention that promotes increase in activity through the use of a smart phone game. This game is target at a younger generation but can be played by people of all ages. The idea is to familiarize people with healthy behaviors in a way that is fun and entertaining. 


This intervention was created in response to the insight that when given the opportunity, for example, taking the escalator versus the stairs, the majority of people will take the escalator. The opportunity then became the challenge, how might we encourage people to make incremental change towards a healthier and more active lifestyle? 

how might we

The game is designed to get people moving and away from their devices. A feature that brings the game into the physical world is the ability to get bonus points by going to specific locations in your area. For example one might get bonus points for walking the full length of The Highline and tapping their phone to a sensor that tracks the players movement. By encouraging people to make small, yet beneficial changes to their everyday lives, the goal is to get people moving in a way that is fun and does not feel like work.