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Self-balancing dustpan & broom.

Ropo is a self-balancing dustpan and broom duo that will never fall over. A lightweight water tank in the bottom compartment of the dustpan allows Ropo to stay balanced. After sweeping, the user can snap the broom and the dustpan together and put it away as a single unit. The rocking weeble wobble feature adds fun to the task of cleaning.

The significant height and small base size of typical dustpans and brooms means they have a tendency to fall over. Therefore, they are often leaned up against a wall when not in use. Furthermore, they are prone to falling over during use, which causes the dust and dirt to spill out of the dustpan. Even a gentle knock can tip them over because of their unbalanced height-to-area ratio.

To resolve this problem, the designer of Ropo drew inspiration from the traditional weeble wobble toy. The weeble wobble toy never falls down because its lower section is filled with a solid mass that balances the whole body. Similarly, Ropo has a large mass at the bottom of its structure – a water tank. The user fills the tank after purchasing Ropo. In combination with the round base of the dustpan, the result is the weeble wobble feature.