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Smile Mirror

Smile Mirror is an emotionally smart mirror that is unlocked with the power of a smile. The non-reflective, frosted surface becomes a mirror when someone smiles to it. The purpose of Smile Mirror is to uplift people and cultivate joy, by exploring the idea of “Could Design be a positive driver for practicing self-kindness?”

Inspired by the life and work of the real Patch Adams -the doctor behind Robin Williams' Patch Adams movie- Berk focused on creating experiences and products for cultivating joy. Learning from the numerous studies and research on Positive Psychology, and specifically that smiling elevates your mood and reduces stress, Berk created the playful and interactive mirror that encourages people to connect and engage with their reflections, as they are smiling. 

Self-kindness is a transformative positive attitude toward oneself, which fosters feelings of happiness, optimism, social connectedness; and reduces anxiety, depression, self-criticism and perfectionism. Overall self-kindness is a powerful practice, and behavior that could be adopted and learned. Smile Mirror is a tool that aims to help cultivate self-kindness.

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