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The personal blog of my MFA thesis journey, consists of diagrams, system maps, frameworks of Information Architecture, and early prototypes.

Diagramming as a Communication Tool

Learning a variety of diagramming methods and system modelling tools both from Steven Dean and Abby Covert  I have created a lot of maps and diagrams to explain the complicated relationships between the stakeholders and situations of the project Uplift, over the last two months. 

Last week, in Abby Covert's workshop I showed my first mapping sketch, Map v.1. After having a discussion with the group and criticizing my own mapping by using the guidance provided by Abby, I iterated the map and created Map v.2. Some of the criteria that I took into consideration while re-designing my map were the direction of the flowthe clarity of the purpose, color coding and the relationship between things.

Map v.2

Map v.1

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