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Sneakers made out of recycled CO2

The Footprintless shoe is designed and fabricated with the purpose of inspiring companies and entrepreneurs to develop breakthrough technologies for converting CO₂ emissions  into valuable products like building materials, alternative fuels, and consumer products we use every day.

Commissioned by NRG, a leading American energy company, the innovation studio 10XBeta and collaborators (below) created the recycled CO2 shoe to kick off the $20 Million global competition The Carbon XPRIZE

Footprintless is among the first applications of captured CO2 in consumer goods, while also addressing the aesthetics of form by meeting the minimalist aesthetic with the groundbreaking material technology.



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Cool Hunting

Project Team

Marcel Botha  (Science and Engineering Lead)
Berk Ilhan (Design) 
Simon Ellison (Fabrication Engineering) 
Ellen Crane (Fabrication Engineering)

D’Wayne Edwards (Design Critique)
Andrea Lauer (Fashion Technologist and Shoe Design)
Jeanette Subero (Design and Fabrication)
Katie Treidl (3D modeling)

David Ulan (Final Shoe Production) 
Aaron Keppel (Sample Shoe)
Anne Marika Verploegh Chassé (First Pair)