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The World's First Cognitive Patient Care Assistant 

Founded by Michael Wang, an entrepreneur and registered nurse who worked in New York Presbyterian Hospital, Inspiren is a health tech startup with the goal of providing data about what actually goes on in hospital rooms. (source: Fast Company, Katherine Schwab

Developed by 10XBeta, and multiple collaborators, the company's first product "iN" is a device that monitors everything that happens in a patient’s room, paired with an analytics platform (developed by Normative), to help nurses and hospitals understand how well they’re taking care of patients.

From initial design research, and gathering design-actionable insights, to creative direction, and concept generation, then finalizing the design details and 3D prototyping, designer Berk Ilhan had a key role in the "iN" project team at 10XBeta.

Designed with the essence of "care" in its brand DNA, the minimal yet assuring device sits on the wall in every hospital room and uses sensors to detect when a staff member is present. By using machine learning algorithms the system understands activities such as turning a patient to prevent them from getting pressure ulcers. The device can also recognize when patients are out of bed or if they fall, and raise the alarm.

Majority of hospitals require nurses to check on patients at least once an hour, which is called hourly rounding. This regulation reduces the number of patient falls and pressure ulcers. Inspiren's iN makes it possible to know whether nurses are checking every hour–or even at all.



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