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The personal blog of my MFA thesis journey, consists of diagrams, system maps, frameworks of Information Architecture, and early prototypes.

On mapping the thesis work so far

Today we were given a lecture about architecting information by Abby Covert, who is an information architecture, the author of How to Make Sense of Any Mess and the teacher of thesis class. At first Abby told about the complexity of the things, and how difficult it is to deliver information to others. Then she explained the difference between data, content and information. Listening the meanings of these words from her was just mind blowing. I never thought that carefully about these terms and I wouldn't differentiate them in this way. Learning about information architecture and making sense of any mess I re-thought about my thesis work so far, and the reactions that I received from the audience recently. Then I realized that my presentation and book were not clear enough to deliver the main ideas and points that I want to address.  

In order to identify obstacles, risks, dreaded skills, excitements and fears we did an in-class exercise. With pairs we discussed our current issues with our own theses. By talking aloud we were able to identify and articulate the problems much more effectively. Also, it requires courage to reveal the weak points of the theses. However, I thought it was essential to do so, because problems became visible. According the mapping out that I did for my thesis, I understood that I am having a main problem which is about deciding on the audience that thesis is indented to talk to. Realizing the capability of my skill set was encouraging, although fears and obstacles about writing and editing were seriously obvious.                   

Learning from today’s exercise, I think one of the most important first steps for my thesis are deciding on what my thesis, Uplift, is about concisely; who is the audience of my thesis and who is the audience of my book. Thus, I will decide on the tone of voice for the thesis and the architecture of the information. 

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